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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Zamyra!!

Happy Birthday Zamyra!!
Marble fudge sheet cake iced in buttercream, edible image and buttercream roses.

Happy Birthday Henry!!

Happy Birthday to my Henry, who's like a brother and also my fabulous hairdresser!  This cake is a double-fudge chocolate 2-layer cake iced in buttercream, fondant accents and the face I hand painted.
Hope you had a wonderful birthday, I love you!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tyler's Soccer Cake

Happy Birthday Tyler!!  This was a white almond 9x13 sheet cake iced in buttercream.  The soccer players are made out of fondant along with the soccer ball.  The soccer nets are made out of white chocolate.

Happy Birthday Reesie!!

Happy Birthday to my husband Reesie!  He requested a Steelers cake knowing that it would kill me.  I happen to be a Browns fan!!  Love ya babe!

Happy Birthday Tori!

Her mom wanted her to have an actual cake on her birthday and she had dance that night so they ordred a double layer 11x15 sheet cake.  Something simple but fun!

Happy Halloween!! Cake Pops

Wow! Were these alot of fun to make.  They were Devils Food mixed with buttercream icing, dipped in chocolate and decorated with chocolate and/or fondant.  These were made for 3 different kid parties at their school.  They loved them!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Tori!!

Happy 8th Birthday Tori!!  Thank you for having us at your birthday party, we had a blast!  She had her party at the Cleveland Zoo and it was such a nice party.  The cake was devils food, dark chocolate ganache filling, covered in fondant, fondant decorations and bow,  and gumpaste flowers, the zebra was made out of fondant.

Happy Birthday Tori!!

Just a simple last minute cake!

A very dear friend, you might as well say, brother (I consider him my brother), his mother passed away after a short illness and I wanted him to have a cake for the funeral reception.  It was last minute, devils food with dark chocolate ganache /buttercream filling, iced in buttercream.  I had asked him what her favorite colors were and he said tan and brown,  So a tan cake, with white roses is what I did.
I had no problems doing the cake, the problems came after.  When I was putting the cake in the box, my finger slipped and I put a big gash in the side of the cake.  I patched it up, and then closed the box.  My husband came home and wanted to see it, so I opened the box and found out I had smashed the roses when closing the box.  UGH!  Well at least I got a picture before the all the mishaps :P

Monday, September 26, 2011

There's a new "Cake Artist" in town!!

My dad is an artist and my son paints with my dad at his house.  Since it was his birthday, I decided to have him "paint" his grandpa's birthday cake.  He was so excited, I couldn't get the icing in the bags fast enough.  This is what he did and I of course helped with the fondant accents.

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

Ben 10 Birthday

A close friend of mines son is celebrating his 6th birthday and is a big Ben 10 fan.  She gave me a few ideas and this is  how I put it together.

Happy Birthday Aiden!  Hope your day was as special as you are!

I was asked to help out with the's fundraiser and so I made up a couple of baskets for them for their Chinese auction.  This is the end result.

Designer Purse Fashionista!

Courtney loves designer purses and her sister asked me to make a cake for her.  This is what I came up with....

Devils food, buttercream icing and fondant accents.
Happy 26th Birthday Courtney!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me!!  I had to do it, had to make my birthday cake.  My husband offered to buy me one but I had fun making this one.  I've been wanting to try the zebra print and had a white bow I made a while back stashed away so this is what I came up with.

I was tired of making chocolate cakes (never thought I would hear myself say that), so I made wedding white with buttercream filling, and the outside is all fondant and of course you have to give it some luster by additng pearl dust!  I LOVE IT!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's a Boy!!

A last minute cake a friend of mine needed so I whipped this up in one night, luckily I had a cake tucked away in the freezer.  She couldn't make the baby shower but was meeting the mom-to-be for dinner and wanted to bring dessert.  She said to do whatever, just have "its a boy" on it.  So being last minute, this is what I came up with.  She loved it!!

Devils food chocolate cake, buttercream icing and fondant accents.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WWE Wrestling Fans!!!

My neighbor Lisa asked me if I would do a wrestling cake for her boyfriend Doug.  Well of course I can't resist a challenge.............I know nothing about the WWE.  I had to do my homework and search the internet for some ideas and I think I got it!  I even made little figures that are to represent Doug & Lisa.  Take a look!

This is double fudge chocolate cake, buttercream icing, fondant accents and fondant/gumpaste figures and I tried to use lace licorice for the ropes but it didn't work out so I used ribbon. 
Happy Birthday Doug!!!  Thank you both for having me make your cake, it was a lot of fun!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wilton Course 3 Fondant/Gumpaste Final Cake

YAY!! I completed my favorite course.  I couldn't wait to learn fonant and making flowers with gumpaste.  Everything comes out so beautifully.  Wilton took out some things in their curriculum like the "drape" but my teacher made an exception and showed me how to do it anyway.  Thank you so much Judy!  I just love it!!

Club 441 Celebrating 7 Years!!

Congrats goes out to Ken Lowry on 7 years of Club 441.  I had the priveledge of doing his anniversary cake and this cake was a lot of fun!

The base of the cake was fudge marble, buttercream icing, and fondant accents.  The man (Kenny) was made out of fondant and the glasses, cigarettes, bottle, etc were made with fondant/gumpaste. 

He loved it!!  Congratulations again Kenny!!